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The physical office workspace is changing. Employers now have to embrace secure conference rooms that balance the organization’s needs and clients and those of the emerging hybrid workforce

This may have been a major problem some years back. But now we have zoom rooms and specialized software like Builder that makes setting up a zoom room a breeze. But what is a zoom meeting room, and why does your business need it? Also, how do you go about setting up a zoom room space without overstretching your IT budget?
Zoom Room with is essentially a blend of Zoom’s virtual conferencing software and the hardware and equipment that converts a traditional meeting space into a modernized virtual conference center.

The components of a zoom room space work together to enhance real-time collaboration between in-person and remote attendees.

A zoom room kit allows you to schedule, launch and run limitless meetings complete with high-quality video and audio simply by clicking a button.

Create a Phenomenal Zoom Room with

All Zoom Room plans offer several advantages that may interest large companies. These include the ability to support up to 10000 active video participants or 10,000 webinar viewers, wireless sharing, unlimited digital signage, and automatic cloud meeting recording and transcription.

After assembling your zoom room kits, the next hurdle is getting them to work seamlessly. Sure- setting up a zoom room seems relatively straightforward for anyone with the technical know-how. If you don’t feel confident doing it yourself or if you want to make the most out of your zoom meeting room, it may be wise to involve a professional audio video installer.

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Zoom room migration to the real world

Whichever route you choose, note that a great deal of planning, site survey, and selecting and installing AV equipment go into creating the perfect zoom room system. But that’s where comes in. is the solution to solve the “create a zoom room” problem in the real world. It is an online tool that takes the hassle out of designing huddle rooms and offers a wide range of integrated AV furniture and technology. 

This tool takes into account your meeting room’s floor plan to help you build a template for an effective zoom room. This gives you a sneak peek at your ideal room’s approximate costs, acoustic abilities, overall look, and possible devices.

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of zoom-rooms are built for meetings of five or more.

Zoom meeting room setup

Zoom Room is created step by step, mainly by covering hardware and design steps:

1. Deciding your budget;
2. Using the builder;
3. Picking your Zoom room type/sizes/number of customers;
4. Picking your hardware;
5. Setting your software to start working;

Navigating today’s hybrid workforce environment isn’t easy. ensures that creating a zoom breakout room isn’t one of your problems.

Zoom Room Design: Audio and Visual Installation Hardware

Getting your zoom room hardware right is the first step towards a flawless video conference experience. Different zoom rooms for conferences require different devices depending on the size of the room.

Nevertheless, there are a few devices that are considered a must-have when you want to create a zoom room. Here are key zoom room hardware recommendations to consider. You may have some of these devices already. Some companies may also opt for advanced tools that combine some of these functions. It whittles down to your organization’s needs and IT budget.

  1. Big screen display(s)
  2. Computer
  3. Tablet or iPad (to work as a control device)
  4. A video conferencing camera
  5. Zoom room license
  6. A conference room audio
  7. A reliable network connection
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When and Why You Need a Zoom Room Setup

Setting up a zoom room requires you to purchase a zoom room license in addition to your existing license. Currently, zoom room cost is $49/year/room, but there’s a 30-day trial period when you sign up.
For the uninformed, it’s easy to wonder whether a zoom conference room setup is vital, considering the additional expense. While this comes down to your business’s needs and budget, here are the key advantages that you leverage when you create a zoom meeting room:

One Tap Starts Simplicity

For most users, the major benefit of a zoom conference room is the straightforward login convenience to its users. Unlike the basic zoom meeting account, a single tap on your tablet is all it takes to start a zoom room meeting. You don’t need to log in to a hosting account to create and administer meetings. Your attendees can also jump into the meeting with a one-click start. They no longer need to search for the mouse and keyboard or remember the shared login code or meeting links.

Customize Hardware to Your Organization’s and Meetings’ Needs

Every organization has different needs when it comes to creating the perfect conference. Likewise, users will have varying zoom room ideas regarding the ideal hardware and best AV furniture. Usually, the hardware and AV furniture for a zoom room come down to the size of your meeting space and the complexity of your meetings. For instance, a monitor or a small display may suffice for a huddle room. However, a large boardroom or conference room may require a larger display, sometimes two.

Integrates With Your Calendar System

This benefit is enjoyed by zoom users across all categories and tiers. But it’s nice knowing that this feature is included in the zoom breakout space package. Calendar integration in Zoom means that your meetings and webinars are synced to the room’s scheduling display, TV screen, and controller. The benefit of this is that other members of the organization can invite the room to a scheduled meeting. That’s to say, users can start or join meetings in seconds.



This is an upgrade from the basic zoom subscription. It’s a conference room-ready technology that provides additional features and solutions designed to meet the unique needs of hybrid teams.



A zoom room combines cloud-based conferencing technology and hardware to build a comprehensive environment that accommodates hybrid work conversations better. 

A Real Zoom Room Setup within a click

The major benefit of using zoom rooms is the enhanced collaboration. This kit makes your remote employees and clients appear to be in the boardroom making internal meetings easy and more effective. As the modern workforce gravitates towards remote working, a zoom room space pulls out all the stops to meet today’s virtual conferencing needs.
Do you need some help creating the perfect zoom room for your working environment? Trust Hudd IO to guide you through every step of the process, from designing your zoom room to choosing the right technologies and furniture for your budget.