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Most Frequent Questions is an online tool that takes the hassle out of designing huddle rooms. With our key Technology Partners, we offer a wide range of integrated furniture and technology and our online configurator makes it easy to choose exactly what you want to make your huddle room the place to be.


Simplicity is central to the experience. Thanks to our easy-to-use configurator, based on a decision tree matrix which ensures that once a technology is chosen, you’ll only see additional options that work with this choice, there’s no need for any detailed technical knowledge when creating your room. Visual guides also make it easy to track the project through to completion is also unique in that it keeps costs low as there’s no need to employ consultants and we offer leasing options to help your budget go further.


Simply go to, select your budget range and then follow the step-by-step process to design your huddle room.

While is incredibly intuitive, our live chat tool is always available should you need any input from our experts.

You certainly can. Simply hit the ‘save configuration’ button and you can finesse your design in stages by logging in with a unique code or link.


The team will be in touch once your configuration is complete to arrange installation. Lead times for furniture are displayed as you make your selections so you can keep track of both costs and timescales.

Yes, we can! has access to a team of installers across the UK to help you complete your huddle room.

We’re on hand for that too. You can choose from three service packages – Gold, Silver and Bronze – depending on your budget and support needs.

Currently is only available in the UK but we will be rolling out globally in the coming months, so watch this space.

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