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Have you been looking out for room AV solutions that will make your business meetings more efficient with the latest AV furniture? Wait no more, Hudd.io is the one-stop online AV solution and configurator for all your business Audio Visual furniture requirements.

Hudd.io is a platform that integrates all the leading AV room solution manufacturers on one platform. With our room Audio Video Equipment, you can manage your entire facility from one place, with easy access to data and tools that help you make decisions about your physical space.
The best part? You can easily connect to any of our partner manufacturers, so you can get started with your project right away.


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Audio Visual Equipment for AV Rooms

Hudd.IO is an online AV solution and configuration software that allows you to setup your meeting room, conference room, or huddle room with a wide variety of devices. Whether you’re looking for a projector, screen, or sound system, you can get all your equipment at Hudd.io.
All you need to do is enter some basic information about the room dimensions and desired features into the builder tool. Hudd.io configurator will automatically provide you with the best options that fit your budget, space, and requirements. 

AV-equipped Rooms can be used for a number of different purposes. For example, they can be used for team meetings and presentations. They can also be used as training spaces or as meeting spaces for small groups. In addition, they are also being used as videoconferencing spaces if you are having video calls from one location to another.

Best Audio Visual Furniture you could possibly dream of

This meeting room equipment is a great option for any business as they allow them to get things done in a more efficient manner while still maintaining the level of professionalism that they need in order to succeed in their industry or field.
Benefits of AV-equipped conference/meeting/huddle rooms include:

  1. They allow for better communication between participants than traditional video conferencing by allowing them to see each other’s faces, hear each other’s voices, and interact more freely than they would on a phone call or text chat.
  2. They’re cheaper than traditional video conferencing because they don’t require additional hardware like cameras or microphones; instead, they have inbuilt AV equipment. This means that no additional licenses need to be purchased for each participant, which can save money for other investment purposes.
  3. It improves the quality of meetings with the clients and investors. You get a camera that captures every minute detail of the meeting, speakers that help to clearly deliver the ideas of a pitch to the client, video conferencing systems, and wireless presentation solutions.
    These are just a few of the many benefits, the list of equipment to enhance your business meetings, is never-ending!

AV Rooms are the future of Collaborative Spaces

AV rooms are important for corporates because they allow people to work together on projects without having to travel long distances.

This can save time, money, and effort for the company, as well as improve efficiency. It also allows employees to have access to the equipment that they need without having to go through red tape. There are the following types of AV Rooms that HuddIO could help with:


Meeting Room Setup

A meeting room is a space that has been designed to host meetings and other group activities and is intended to make bunch exercises simple and productive.


Boardroom Setup

A boardroom is set up specifically for conducting official business, such as directors' meetings or shareholder's meetings, instead of informal meetings and discussions.


Breakout Room Setup

A breakout room is a meeting space within or adjoined to the main meeting hall used to separate break-out sessions, hold mini-presentations, provide private space for interviews or discussions, etc

High-end AV Furniture Solution

The right audio/visual solutions are critical to the efficiency of meetings, whether you are hosting a meeting, physically present in a meeting room, or remotely connected to the meeting via phone or videoconferencing.

With conference rooms relying so heavily on having quality AV technologies are becoming important to every business.

When it comes to hosting meetings, having a high-quality display and audio system can make or break your meeting. Without the right technology, you may find that you have trouble getting people’s attention and keeping them engaged throughout your presentation

Hudd.io is an all-in-one solution for setting up the most efficient futurist AV room that is both budget-friendly and mindful of your space and requirements. 

Easiest integration of Collaborative Office Space

Whether you’re just starting or have been doing business for years, we have the experience of setting up the most effective AV Rooms & collaborative office spaces that are necessary to meet your business requirements. We specialize in delivering high-quality solutions. We’ll work with you from start to finish. From a modern custom design Audio Visual cabinets furniture, AV console furniture, multi room AV systems, or AV design software, we will build your room AV system keeping in mind everything that your business needs.

We are dedicated to providing our clients with the best modern AV furniture. Our motive is to build an office setup that is productive and efficient.

We understand that each company has different needs and wants when it comes to a meeting space, which is why we offer free consultations where we can discuss your goals and objectives for this space.


Huddle Room Setup

A huddle room is a small meeting room equipped with audio and video capabilities that companies use for short team meetings, unplanned working sessions or small scheduled meetings.


Conference Room Setup

A conference room is a space that has been designed for people to meet, collaborate, and work. They are used for any number of purposes, from meeting with individuals to brainstorming to training new employees.


Teams Room Setup

Teams Room is a workspace that helps teams and organizations increase their productivity and efficiency. It is a great place to plan out your work, share files, and collaborate with your team members or clients.


Zoom Room Setup

A Zoom Room is a blend of Zoom's virtual conferencing software and the hardware that converts a traditional meeting space into a modernized virtual conference center.

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    Hudd.IO FAQs

    Discover how AV rooms can transform your business, increasing productivity, enhancing decision making, and providing the ultimate space for teams to collaborate.

    Hudd.io is an online tool that takes the hassle out of designing meeting and conference rooms. With our key Technology Partners, we offer a wide range of integrated furniture and technology and our online configurator makes it easy to choose exactly what you want to make your AV room the place to be.

    Simplicity is central to the Hudd.io experience. Thanks to our easy-to-use configurator, based on a decision tree matrix that ensures that once a technology is chosen, you’ll only see additional options that work with this choice, there’s no need for any detailed technical knowledge when creating your room. Visual guides also make it easy to track the project through to completion

    Hudd.io is also unique in that it keeps costs low as there’s no need to employ consultants and we offer leasing options to help your budget go further.

    Simply go to https://configure.hudd.io, select your budget range and then follow the step-by-step process to design your room.


    While Hudd.io is incredibly intuitive, our live chat tool is always available should you need any input from our experts.