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Benefits of a huddle room

People’s idea of what a huddle room is and what it should be used for can still vary quite widely, but its integral role in the modern workplace can no longer be disputed.

Choosing the right furniture for your huddle room brings with it a number of benefits that will help your organization to enhance collaboration and improve decision making.


Cost Effective

The huddle room is perfectly suited to today’s working practices and requires a lot less investment than boardrooms.


Increase Productivity

Huddles only happen when there is a need for them and to solve specific problems, making them shorter than many formal meetings.


User Friendly

Huddle rooms are designed to be simple to use, it’s essential that there is little to no learning curve within these spaces.

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    Discover how huddle rooms can transform your business, increasing productivity, enhancing decision making, and providing the ultimate space for teams to collaborate. is an online tool that takes the hassle out of designing huddle rooms. With our key Technology Partners, we offer a wide range of integrated furniture and technology and our online configurator makes it easy to choose exactly what you want to make your huddle room the place to be.

    Simplicity is central to the experience. Thanks to our easy-to-use configurator, based on a decision tree matrix that ensures that once a technology is chosen, you’ll only see additional options that work with this choice, there’s no need for any detailed technical knowledge when creating your room. Visual guides also make it easy to track the project through to completion is also unique in that it keeps costs low as there’s no need to employ consultants and we offer leasing options to help your budget go further.

    Simply go to, select your budget range and then follow the step-by-step process to design your huddle room.


    While is incredibly intuitive, our live chat tool is always available should you need any input from our experts.