About Hudd.io

Hudd.io is an e-commerce platform for the design of huddle rooms with integrated furniture and technology
a one-stop shop for all things “Huddle”.

About us

Hudd.io is a one-stop shop for all things ‘Huddle’, guiding end users through all their design and technology choices to create an integrated and effective huddle space.

In the past, the process of buying a huddle space has not been an easy one for the uninformed; knowing what technology to buy and how these technologies communicate is essential if you are to create a space that truly works, and any mistakes along the way can be a costly. Hudd.io is aimed at non-technical personnel, offering a level of simplicity that means anyone can buy a huddle configuration safe in the knowledge that everything will work.

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Decision Tree Matrix

Hudd.io uses a unique piece of technology that’s been developed specifically for this project. Called a decision tree matrix, it ensures that each and every step along the huddle room creation route can only lead down its own branch. So if, for example, one piece of technology will only work in a particular set up, the decision tree matrix will ensure that if the end user chooses this option, they will only see additional choices that work with their original decision.

Thanks to this, end users can design their ultimate huddle space in a few simple steps, with visual guides making it easy to track the project through to completion as new layers are added until a final room configuration is confirmed. The option to “save configuration” allows end users to finesse their design in stages, logging in with a unique code or link to bring up their configuration.


By following this approach, Hudd.io will not overwhelm you with choices; instead options are kept to a minimum, with three category groups – budget, mid-range and high end. At each step prices will also be displayed, and each and every option is added to the order array, enabling you to keep track of your budget as you put a room together. Costs will also be reduced as Hudd.io takes out the consultative aspect of producing a huddle space.

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