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The meeting room configurator,, is aiding the successful exchange of ideas inter-teams and intra-teams. unites the biggest AV furniture producers – including TeamMate, Quadra, Dalen Top-Tec, Unicol, JM Furniture, and Loxit – in one easy-to-utilize meeting room solution that makes arranging meeting rooms straightforward.

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Meetings are an essential part of every professional’s life. Whether you’re working with a huge client meeting or going to an office-wide instructional class on the most capable strategy to use new programming at work, you can benefit from

Meeting room spaces are generally smaller in size and are built to fit 4-6 people. These spaces are often used by the smaller groups for more informal meetings. With the coming of COVID and the beginning of WFH culture, work areas are turning out to be more relaxed and meeting rooms are becoming fundamental for each association. Corporates are shifting their focus on making these meeting room spaces more technologically smart and futurist. The basics of a good meeting room are ever-changing.

Starting from a smart meeting room layout, to a camera setup for a zoom meeting, to audiovisual meeting room equipment, installation of smart boards, and a lot in between. The entire experience of the meeting room space is being re-imagined.

Pick your meeting room layout with no efforts

Meeting rooms are innately intended to be adaptable spaces so guaranteeing they can address these issues while additionally adjusting to any further changes in working styles that don’t need to be troublesome – or costly. The key is to put resources into the innovation and instruments that work with these normal use cases while staying away from muddled frameworks that require numerous passwords and logins, including no overwhelming things.

For instance, gigantic features or meeting room tables and no room booking systems that add complexity and extra shared touchpoints that are not needed. The meeting room configurator has a wide array of options to choose from any meeting room layout, meeting room table or furniture, to make your meeting experience, within the team and with your clients, a delightful one

Office meeting room to perfection is an online platform that has been conceptualized with the idea to integrate meeting room furniture and technology. The company was established with the idea of setting up a new online business model for companies that needs the collective working of employees but are not able to due to geographical location.

Businesses are realizing the importance of the growth of video conferencing, and having a meeting room AV equipment available for video chats. They are ensuring that the representatives can without much of a stretch speak with one another, regardless of whether they’re in various areas of the planet. The meeting room designs are changing to improve the company’s ability to have effective meetings. The audio-visual systems are becoming accessible from anywhere, which makes it easier for employees to schedule meetings and give the company a higher return on investment.

Smart meeting rooms

Smart meeting rooms are changing the way we work together. They use meeting room displays & smart whiteboards that can be viewed and shared more easily by remote participants. These whiteboards interface with efficiency and coordinated effort applications which distribute the content of the whiteboard amongst the participants of the meeting once the meeting is over. This guarantees everybody is in total agreement and realizes what was examined during the gathering, regardless of whether they couldn’t join in. Meeting room camera and microphone are connected perfectly. Likewise, the meeting room’s audio quality is also a matter of concern that needs to be considered in order to keep the meeting quality high. 

Having professional audio set up for your meeting room increases the clarity of shared thoughts and also the inception of thoughts and ideas becomes clearer for the audience.

The engagement rate of the employee’s increases and so does the productivity. The quality of your business meetings can have a significant impact on your company’s productivity and bottom line. A professional audio setup for your meeting room can ensure that communication is clear, even in large spaces and remote locations.

Modern meeting room is a must-have today

The package takes care of all abovementioned elements of the modern meeting room. It streamlines yet helps the experience of utilizing a group space for your business purposes that the content sharing instrument you decide to integrate into your meeting room space ought to be easy to use. If it can’t provide the ease of use you’d expect from a tool designed for a smaller space, employees could be reluctant to use it. That is why it is important to choose tools that have been developed specifically for meeting spaces or include specialized features for ease of use. This could take the form of content sharing at the touch of a button, annotation by multiple users, and document saving and sharing.

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Meeting room planning was never easier

Working environment wellbeing needs to stretch out past the workplace walls. That’s why also offers dedicated Meeting Room Solution that can help employees feel safe in the shorter term while offering robust, flexible meeting room setups that will stand the test of time. Inherent attachments, for instance, eliminate the need to find floor-level charging focuses, while tailor-made sizes and setups will empower employees to keep up with social distancing while at the same time giving an agreeable space. All this meeting room planning and more is already implemented in our meeting room solution.

So if you ever wondered how to set up a meeting room – wait no more and contact us. Or use our unique online meeting room configurator



A meeting room is a space that has been designed to host meetings and other group activities. These spaces are explicitly intended to make bunch exercises simple and productive. Usually, meeting spaces include items like a projector screen and whiteboard, comfortable chairs, and tables.


A meeting room is a smaller and a bit more informal space that can fit a small group of people to conduct informal interactions like brainstorming sessions. The conference room on the other hand is a formal space that can inhibit a larger group of people and is generally used to hold meetings amongst the higher authorities of the organization and the employees or hold meetings with the investors, clients, etc.


To accommodate the staff working remotely, you need to select the types of equipment for your meeting rooms that increase the connectivity between you and your employees and hence the productivity, to serve this purpose, a good audio-video system, conference table, and conference software are a must. You have to understand the purpose of your meeting room in order to figure out the other equipment that would be needed in your meeting room.

Outstanding meeting room design in a few clicks!

As the digital landscape of work continues to evolve, we’re in the midst of a time when employees are constantly on the move. With more companies adopting a remote workforce and employees who are part of the gig economy, traditional broadcast techniques are no longer an effective way to address workplace shifts. has pledged to design the meeting room of the future with a meeting room-specific microphone, speakers, furniture, monitor display, and meeting space calculator.

The meeting room of the future is a fully customizable space that allows you to take control. It is designed with you in mind, so you can be more productive and efficient, whether you’re meeting with colleagues or clients. It is so much more than a meeting room: it’s an extension of your business, an expression of your values and your brand, a showcase for who YOU are.